Ethyca Passes the Transparency and Consent Framework v2.2 Certification


Ethyca is proud to announce we have passed the latest Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) v2.2 certification from the Interactive Advertising Bureau in Europe (IAB Europe), Our consent management platform passed the rigor of compliance checks from IAB Europe, making it GDPR and ePrivacy Directive compliant

TCF v2.2 is the most recent version of the accountability framework that standardizes compliance with European consumer privacy laws. With the newest IAB TCF certification logo on our website, both customers and regulators can feel reassured in our teams’ trustworthiness and compliance

What this means for customers 

IAB Europe is an association for establishing frameworks, standards, and codes of conduct for digital marketing and advertising in Europe. With the passage of GDPR in 2018, the IAB launched the TCF framework to meet the new requirements of users, industry, and regulatory authorities.

With our TCF v2.2 certification, our customers can confidently comply with European privacy laws using our Fides Consent Management Platform (CMP). Our consent solution will enable customers to inform users of consent rights, capture user preferences, and enforce user preferences across the entire business in a way that respects European consumers’ privacy rights. 

What’s Next

To see how our Fides Consent Management Platform meets all TCF v2.2 requirements, schedule a free call with us today.

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