Fundamentals of Ethical & Compliant Data Management

If one were to chart the most important developments in the business landscape over the last 20 years, top of the list would surely be the growth of consumer data as a precious resource. Never before have companies had access to such powerful stores of business intelligence

Inefficiency in Data Privacy for Online Advertising

Google and Facebook dominate the data-driven online advertising market and have created an ecosystem with network effects challenging to break. Tech giants accumulate user data; their targeting becomes more refined; vain user impressions reduce.

Data Privacy & The Future of Digital Advertising

There’s a famous saying in Silicon Valley, “If you can use a product for free, then you’re probably the product”. Nowhere is this more truly illustrated than by the business models of Google and Facebook; two of the most valuable companies in the world; two of the most potent vehicles for consumption in human history.

Do These 3 Things for User Data Privacy Compliance

Just a few short years ago, the idea of User Data Privacy Compliance on the internet was full of hesitation. It was as dubious as the idea of Miranda Rights in the Wild West. Back then, the web was, and many would argue it still is, an adolescent medium growing at supernova speed.