Ethyca achieves Google CMP certification

Ethyca is proud to announce our Google Consent Management Platform (CMP) certification! As a Google and IAB-certified CMP supporting TCF v2.2,  publishers serving ads in the EU and UK can confidently collect and handle user consent while staying fully compliant with Fides Consent Management.

Background of Google’s CMP certification

Earlier this year, Google announced that publishers serving ads with Google AdSense, Ad Manager, or AdMob in the EU and UK will be required to use a Google-certified CMP starting January 16, 2024. These new requirements reflect Google’s commitment to improve user transparency and control with evolving privacy expectations and regulatory standards. 

With both TCF v2.2 and Google CMP certification logos displayed on our website, Ethyca is committed to supporting a more privacy-conscious digital advertising ecosystem. 

What’s Next

To see how our Fides Consent Management Platform meets all Google CMP requirements, schedule a free call with us today.

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