Fides 2.22 Release: Announcing TCF v2.2 for public launch

Check out everything coming out with our Fides 2.22 release!

  • TCF v2.2 public launch + IAB & Google certification
  • Vendor & cookie management UI (Beta)
  • Developer-friendly APIs for consent
  • Fixes and developer updates

TCF v2.2 Public Launch + IAB & Google certification  

At Ethyca, our aim is to simplify your compliance journey. That’s why we are pleased to announce the public launch of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Transparency Consent Framework (TCF) v2.2. Our TCF consent experience is fully integrated with and backed by our robust data mapping capabilities.

In addition, to being certified as a Consent Management Platform (CMP) for TCF v2.2, we are also certified as an approved CMP by Google. With both logos displayed on our website, publishers can confidently use Ethyca to easily comply with all EU and UK consent requirements.

Contact the customer support team at for steps on how to get started with TCF.

Vendor & cookie management UI (Beta)

We’re also introducing a beta version of our streamlined vendor and cookie consent management UI.

This is a consent-first approach to data mapping that simplifies the process of adding vendors and cookies, allowing you to effortlessly align them with the appropriate consent categories (Advertising, Analytics, Functional, Essential). This streamlined workflow will help you start serving the correct consent notices faster to start collecting and enforcing consumer preferences. 

When used in conjunction with Fides Compass, the cookies for each vendor are automatically generated, facilitating seamless configuration of cookie consent enforcement.

Contact the customer support team at for steps on how to enable this beta feature.

Developer-friendly APIs for consent

To better assist developers looking to personalize their consent processes, we’ve added some cool features to our Experiences and Preferences endpoints. With these new capabilities, developers can now cache our privacy experiences on CDNs, encode TC strings on the server, and easily check for changes in consent experiences and notifications. Learn more!

Fixes and developer updates

We’ve made significant style improvements and enhancements to all consumer consent interfaces.

For other fixes and updates, please see our release notes.

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