Our CIP certified privacy professional mission patch

Last year I wrote about the history of Ethyca’s Mission Patches here and explained why they were such an important part of Ethyca’s culture of privacy engineering excellence.

A similarly important part of our culture is that we strive for everyone at Ethyca, across every team, to be CIP certified by the IAPP as a privacy professional. We do this because we believe it’s vital that the teams serving our customers, product, and community are privacy engineering experts you can trust.

I take great pride each time a member of our team completes their studies and passes their CIP exam — it’s something we celebrate with great joy together.

And, as you’ll know if you read my earlier post on our Mission Patches, the teams that undertake these missions at Ethyca get to propose a patch that represents them and the journey they’ve gone on.

In the case of the wonderful Robert Keyser and Michael Brown, they worked with Ethyca’s design team on a patch to represent those Ethycans that have made the journey to become CIP certified.

Here’s Robert’s original proposal and the final patch…

The insignia depicts a lighthouse, the stars, and the words —

“Concilio et labore”

which translates as —

“By wisdom and effort”

This represents every Ethycan’s role in using their privacy and engineering expertise to aid our customers and community to navigate through the proverbial unknown and murky waters to ensure safe and smooth “sailing.”

I’m so proud of our team at Ethyca. The generosity and humility with which they wield their knowledge to shine a light on anything from the simplest to most complex privacy engineering challenges — our customers can rest assured that with Ethyca, privacy will actually work.

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