Fides 2.27 Release: customer privacy experience enhancements

Fides 2.27 release blog pull card, which lists the three different features in this release.

  • New formatting options for consent banners and overlays
  • Consent configuration via locations or regulations [BETA]
  • New connectors: Statsig

New formatting options for consent banners and overlays

Fides 2.27 comes with new consent management updates to improve your customers’ privacy experience. Your organization can now write different titles and descriptions for banners and overlays – two areas where the UX is substantially different.

The banner and overlay now support rendering basic HTML tags, meaning that organizations can add links and basic formatting to their privacy experiences. Try <a>, <strong>, and <em> tags.

You can use this feature to add additional links besides the previously supported privacy policy link, such as your organization’s cookie policy.

Previously, banners and overlays shared the same titles and descriptions. Now, your organization can provide language in the banner that is more appropriately suited for a multi-layered consent experience, where users can opt in or out of all options from the banner, or individual options from the overlay.

Consent configuration via location or regulations [BETA]

Our new beta feature introduces system-wide configuration options. Organizations will be able to use the Fides Admin UI to select the locations they operate in or the privacy regulations that apply to their business to ensure they are presenting users with the correct consent options.

Image of the Fides UI where you can select locations where you operate.
Select locations where you operate.
Image of the Fides UI where you can select regulations that apply to your business.
Alternatively, select regulations that apply to your business.

Future releases of Fides will provide functionality that is tailored to support the specific regulatory requirements that exist in the jurisdictions you select. These updates will make compliance with varying privacy regulations and data protection authority rules easier. 

New connectors: Statsig

Fides 2.27 is introducing a new Statsig connector for DSAR processing, enabling organizations to execute both access and erasure requests via an API.

Try Fides 2.27 today

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