Fides 2.28 Release: user experience enhancements

Major Release Updates

Feature Release Video

What the video round up of new features here, or read the breakdown of new features below

Fides Navigation Overhaul

Fides now features an enhanced global navigation. The Fides “left nav” provides an easy way to quickly get to all of Fides key features from Data Mapping, DSR and Consent Management through to Reporting and advanced system configurations.

Fides’ new unified Vendor Consent Management panel simplifies the task of managing your consent configurations and vendors by providing a holistic view of your vendor governance. With automated suggestions powered by Compass, rapidly configure and comply with consent regulations.

IAB Global Privacy Platform (GPP) Support for US State Consent

Stay up-to-date with US State privacy regulations with Fides’ enhanced support for Global Privacy Platform and all major US regulations. To learn more about IAB Frameworks’ such as IAB TCF, GPP and MSPA, contact a member of Ethyca’s privacy team now.

New Integration: AppsFlyer and Klaviyo

Fides 2.28 adds integration support for AppsFlyer to automated DSR and privacy request management across your tech stack.

Fides’ Klaviyo integration is now upgraded to provide unified preference and consent management for your marketing automation activities.

Try Fides 2.28 today

Learn more about how Fides 2.28 enhances your organization’s privacy and data governance operations by scheduling a demo with our privacy deployment specialist today.

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